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A MINI Engine That Packs a Punch

Mini Engine

In 1956 there was a fuel shortage in the UK causing a need for cars with better fuel economy. Because of this, the MINI was born. The design focused on being compact while still utilizing as much of its space that you can. The British Motor Corporation had decided on a traverse engine, front-wheel drive layout which allowed 80% of the floor plan to be used for passengers and luggage. In 2000, BMW obtained the rights of the MINI brand and replaced other MINI model names such as “Austin MINI,” and “Morris MINI.”

MINI Cooper Engine

The MINI has a variety of models including: MINI Hatch/Hardtop, Convertible/Cabrio, Clubman, Countryman, Coupe, Roadster, and Paceman. Yet, when you think of a MINI, the first thought that often comes to mind is a MINI Cooper. Cooper is the performance version of these various models. MINI partnered with racing legend John Cooper which gave MINI a strong presence in the rally race car market. Cooper performance (from low to high power) goes: Cooper, Cooper S, and John Cooper Works. Cooper body styles have a 1.598 L I4 engine producing 120 hp and 120 lb.ft torque. Cooper S body styles have a 1.598 L I4 turbo engine producing 181 hp, 180 lb.ft torque and an Overboost option producing 190 lb.ft torque. John Cooper Works body styles have a 1.598 L I4 turbo engine producing 208 hp, 193 lb.ft torque and an Overboost option producing 206 lb.ft torque. MINI engines are quite small given its capacity, but along with a turbo and Overboost option on the Cooper S and John Cooper Works, and their compact size/weight, MINI Cooper’s have power.

MINI Cooper Yachtsman

As part of an April Fools’ Joke in 2012, MINI released photos for the MINI Cooper Yachtsman. The “special” MINI Cooper was described as 169.8 inches long painted in Reef Blue metallic paint with a “shark-resistant” undercoating. The exhaust comes through the hood of the car resembling a snorkel. The interior is made of waterproof material, it has seat cushions that can be used as a flotation device, and room for two to sleep. The MINI Cooper’s engine is powered by a 181 hp, 1.6 L twin turbo I4 engine producing a top speed of about 70 mph in water. MINI put a pretend price tag of $236,000 on this dream vehicle. All jokes aside, I think we’d all encourage MINI to follow through on this idea.

A Professional MINI Service and Repair Shop

While we wait for technology to advance and the Yachtsman to become a reality, come into North Bay Bavarian in Santa Rosa, CA for your MINI vehicles to be serviced or repaired. We work exclusively on BMW and MINI vehicles. Since 1987 we became one of the first BMW specialists in the Santa Rosa/Sonoma area and have become the most trusted shop in the area. Check out our MINI service and repair page. We will have your MINI floating again in no time! Correction, what I meant to say was, we will have your MINI on the ROAD again in no time. I must still be dreaming of the Yachtsman…