BMW Performance Kits

high performance kits

Like many BMW owners, you purchased a BMW because you have a respect for Bavarian Motor Works and their dedication to excellence in engineering. BMWs have been defined by their high performance, character, and adrenaline-inducing accessory options.

As your Santa Rosa BMW specialists, the expert staff at North Bay Bavarian has a great knowledge of BMW performance accessories that will open up your world to a variety of different customization and performance options.

So, how do you use your BMW? Do you prefer to find exciting back roads in your off-time, or do you crave race performance capability? Maybe you just want a commuter car that will get you from Santa Rosa to San Jose and everywhere in between. No matter how you use your BMW, North Bay Bavarian will help you put together a performance and tuning package that will fit your needs as a driver.

BMW Performance Kits

From appearance to performance, a BMW accessory kit can create a truly customized vehicle that is unlike any other BMW on the road. With accessories that push aerodynamic capabilities, increase traction and completely change the appearance of your BMW there are so many options we can walk you through.

As the original Bavarian Motor Works shop in Santa Rosa, we have been learning and expanding on our love for BMW for more than thirty years, and most recently, have dipped our toes into race performance customization and high-performance additions.

North Bay Bavarian possess the latest in BMW diagnostic equipment, tools and parts ranging from today’s high-tech models to antique beauties from the ‘70s. As a performance driven BMW shop with a staff of purely BMW and Mini Cooper fanatics, we have a passion for tuning, modifying and creating race-ready, high-performance BMW vehicles. We are always happy to give our professional opinion and will never push any kind of work you really don’t need.

At our shop in Santa Rosa, we do everything from cold-air-intakes to full race car preparation, metal fabrications, suspension tuning, custom exhaust systems, big brake kits and engine tuning and maintenance. We know how to boost the performance of your BMW, trust us.

If you are ready to take the next step in optimizing the performance of your BMW, contact the staff at North Bay Bavarian today and let’s get started. We guarantee you’ll love it as much as we love creating it.