BMW Transmission Issues

Car enthusiasts know that the transmission can be especially difficult to repair. Because BMWs are imported, top-quality repair services seem to be few and far between. If you live in or around the Santa Rosa area and own a BMW, you should seek professional repair services from local experts. Luckily, North Bay Bavarian is at your disposal.

How Urgent Are BMW Transmission Issues?

BMW Transmission graphic

If your BMW’s warning light is visible, it’s time to act. Putting off repair services will only make the problem(s) worse, especially for BMW transmission service. Even though your BMW’s transmission fluid should last for about 100,000 miles, you can never be too sure. Problems can arise at any moment, and BMW transmission repair is crucial for your vehicle’s survival. It is recommended that BMW transmission fluid should be changed about every 60,000 miles to be on the safe side.

What Types of BMW Transmission Can NBB Repair?

Do you own a BMW 650i? You’re in luck—North Bay Bavarian offers services for manual, automatic, and semi-automatic transmissions. Or maybe you own a BMW 328i or any other mainstream model. North Bay Bavarian also offers services for manumatic BMW transmissions.

What’s the Difference Between Semi-Automatic and Manumatic?

According to Wikipedia, “A semi-automatic transmission offers a more direct connection between the engine and wheels than a manumatic and this responsiveness is preferred in high performance driving applications, while a manumatic is better for street use because its fluid coupling makes it easier for the transmission to consistently perform smooth shifts,[3][4] and CVTs are generally found in gasoline-electric hybrid engine applications.”

BMW transmission repair requires specialized tools. Not only is North Bay Bavarian fully equipped with these tools; we perform confidently, efficiently, and intelligently.

We want your BMW to last as long as possible and are eager to help. If you are in the greater Santa Rosa area, skip the dealership and its crazy prices. Check out the rest of our website or give us a call at 707-545-0820, and we’ll schedule an appointment!