We at North Bay Bavarian aren’t just experts at servicing, repairing and restoring Santa Rosa’s finest BMWs. We also love to race these Bavarian performance machines. We can take any BMW, even a lemon, and turn it from a beater into a BMW racing juggernaut with some next level BMW upgrades.


  • BMW race ready performance kits graphicSparkplug Upgrade – This simple detail can speed the air-fuel combustion of your car.
  • Replace Mechanical Fan with Electric Fan – Mechanical parts tax your car’s horsepower.
  • Replace Mechanic Fuel Pump with Electric Fuel Pump – Electric parts avoid tapping your car’s horsepower.
  • Upgrade or Install Cold-Air Intake – Speeds the air that enters your engine. This can also improve your gas mileage.
  • Removal of Restriction from Intake Manifold, Throttle Body, Intake Piping, and Heads – Increases air flow.
  • Pipe Cleaning – Smooth pipe walls facilitate air flow.
  • Nitrous Oxide Installation – Adds oxygen to the combustion reaction. Also cools the intake air. Check local laws before purchasing this upgrade.
  • Forced Air Induction System Installation – Available options are turbocharging and supercharging; both drive additional oxygen into the engine.


  • Installation or Upgrade of Performance Chip – Standard chips in stock fuel injection rigs often limit the air-fuel available to an engine. A performance chip can improve fuel economy, speed, and horsepower.
  • Replace Metal Hood with Carbon Fiber Hood – Lighter vehicles can perform better.
  • Replace Metal Trunk with Carbon Fiber Trunk – Lighter vehicle can perform better.
  • Tuned-up Drivetrain – Upgraded gears, differentials, drive shafts, clutches, and flywheels can increase overall performance.
  • Upgrade Suspension – Adding tower braces and sway bars can stiffen your chassis flex and increase handling and response time.
  • Upgrade Tires – Increased grip means increased handling and cornering.
  • Upgrade Rims – Lighter rims will improve brake performance and increase speed.
  • Upgrade Brakes – Better brakes allow the driver to brake later and to return to acceleration faster.
  • Body Kits Installation – Kits can increase the aerodynamics on your car.


  • Miller WAR Chip
  • aFe Power
  • Brembo Brake Systems
  • Ground Control Suspension Systems
  • Supersprint North America
  • Wildwood Disc Breaks


We aren’t just talk at North Bay Bavarian. We race our BMWs at every opportunity. We’ve participated in the Chihuahua Express and the La Carrera Panamericana. We also built a drift car that races in Formula Drift all over the continent.

The dealerships will always try to upsell you on every upgrade under the sun. At North Bay, we’ll work with you to assess which upgrades will deliver the greatest value for your performance goals.

Call us today, so we can talk about turning your Santa Rosa BMW from a commuter car to a race-ready sensation.