Car Care Tips from a BMW Mechanic Near Me

We at North Bay Bavarian enjoy talking shop with Santa Rosa BMW owners and Mini owners. We like hearing about restoration projects, upcoming races, weird car problems and the like. That said, we know that car care knowledge isn’t first nature for many vehicle owners. Gear-heads and non-gear-heads alike are welcome in our shop. Sometimes we take for granted that everyone didn’t take auto shop growing up. In this article, we’ll discuss recommended BMW service, Mini Cooper maintenance and luxury car purchasing strategies.

BMW Service Santa Rosa Trusts

The first rule of recommended service is that it isn’t really recommended so much as it is mandatory if you want your BMW or Mini Cooper to enjoy a nice, long life.

Be aware that “recommended service”, as stated in your BMW service schedule, is recommended for light to normal driving conditions. In other words, many short trips, lots of stop-n-go, extreme temps – hot and cold, poor road conditions (dirt, gravel, snow, etc.) and the like all decrease the intervals at which you need to get your car serviced.

Getting minor parts replaced and fluids flushed are the bare minimum services you need to keep your vehicle running strong. If you neglect these services, you should expect costly repairs before too long.

Mini Cooper Maintenance Is a Worthy Investment

Mini maintenance graphicIt’s worthwhile to note that maintenance is for maintaining your car, not for fixing your car. Getting alignments done, brake pads replaced, oil changed, etc., does not fix already broken parts on your car. Mini Cooper maintenance, just like maintenance on any car, is just a part of owning a car.

Some people suggest that maintenance schedules are designed to make car owners spend more money on service and maintenance that what is really required to keep a vehicle healthy. This is simply not the case. Part manufacturers are generally not in the “planned obsolescence” game. The fact of the matter is that all car parts have shelf-lives. If you do everything exactly right, you still may need to replace a particular car part.

Also remember that failure to maintain your car properly can cause the shelf-life of parts to decrease. If you wait until the “something broke” phase to seek car maintenance, it will take additional time, care and money to restore your car back to a fully-maintained state than it would had you maintained the car well the whole time.

Luxury Car Part and Luxury Car Purchasing Strategies

Now that you’ve invested in a precision and luxury vehicle like a BMW or a Mini, don’t skimp out on parts, service or maintenance. One of the reasons your car is so much fun to drive is because it was built with superior parts. When car parts break or wear, replace them with the good stuff!

Investing in high-quality parts doesn’t just make driving more fun, it also increases the longevity of the parts. Cheap parts wear faster than high-quality parts. When you take into consideration the labor cost to install parts, doesn’t it make more sense to pay to get high-quality parts installed once during a six-month period instead of getting cheap parts installed twice during a six-month period?

The same philosophy applies to purchasing vehicles. If you buy a beater for a great deal, even if it’s a BMW or Mini, you’ll spend a bunch of money on parts during the first year of ownership. At the end of the first year, your car likely won’t have increased in value at all.

If you wait to save up for a new car and maintain it well, you could very well make a profit on it when you decide to sell it or trade it in for another vehicle.

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