Customize Your Ride with Cosmetic BMW Upgrades

North Bay Bavarian is Santa Rosa’s best shop for BMW upgrades. Our expert BMW mechanics can hook you up with upgrades for speed and upgrades for performance. Some BMW owners are satisfied with a stock car fresh from the lot. Other owners see their cars as extensions of their personality. Our crew can install cosmetic upgrades that customize your ride to your exact aesthetic preferences. We’ll give you the scoop on which upgrades to avoid and which you might want to consider.

Which Upgrades Should I Avoid?

Our policy at North Bay is that if you like the design and look of an upgrade, we want to help you achieve your vision. That said, some upgrades can jeopardize the warranty on your vehicle, and some can even reduce the performance of the car.

There are many manufacturers that sell performance chips that purport to increase the horsepower of your car. As a general rule, we try to steer our customers away from altering the highly tuned, rigorously-tested computer chips already present in their cars. Your car’s stock computer chips are honed to comply with emission standards and to best achieve vehicle longevity.

We also don’t recommend cheap bumper lips, body kits or trunk spoilers. If you’re adamant about applying these upgrades to your vehicle, we can certainly install them. The reason we don’t recommend them is that BMW has teams of engineers that work for months, if not years, to maximize the aerodynamics of every model. Changing the look of your car isn’t a bad thing, but when that change impacts performance and longevity, avoid it.

Which Upgrades Should I Consider?

When altering the appearance of the Ultimate Driving Machine, we think that subtly is key.

Accenting the already beautiful features of your car can be a great way to personalize your vehicle and pay homage to the brand that brings you joy.

Consider these areas of your car and the possibilities for improving them.

  • Upholstery – Accented stitching can be all you need to add that extra flavor to your interior. You can also go further with dominant color themes. Simply switching from cloth to leather can be a great way to add appeal to your car.
  • Seat belts – One of the biggest selling points for BMW’s is that they are fun to drive. You can reinforce that fact with BMW racing seat belts.
  • Grills – Many love the signature kidney grills associated with BMW’s. You can add a bit of eye-catching color with grill stripes.
  • Lighting – The welcome lights that illuminate your feet when you open your car doors can be customized with ghost shadow lights. Ghost shadow lights can project the BMW logo at your feet every time you open the door.
  • Engine start / stop button – It might seem trivial, but applying a colored keyring to the button can drive home that you pay attention to the small details.
  • Brakes – Slotted brake rotors can add a bit of flare, and ceramic pads will add performance and prestige. You can even get your calipers painted to further accent the color scheme of the car.

Graphic identifying areas of a BMW that can be upgraded: upholstery, seat belts, grills, lights, start button and brakes

Some upgrades are easy to install, and others require the skill of trained mechanics and technicians. The last thing you want to do is damage your BMW while trying to enhance it. If you trust our crew to help guide your upgrade decisions, we won’t let you down!


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