Get to Know BMW Like We Do  

It’s no secret we love the BMW brand, or we wouldn’t have worked so hard to understand each and every one of their models inside and out for the last thirty years. North Bay Bavarian was one of the first BMW service shops in Santa Rosa. We’ve continued to live up to our reputation as the first and the best BMW repair shop in the area, dipping our toes into the racing circuit as we grew.

We’ve been proudly serving the North Bay of San Francisco for the last thirty years and have fixed a multitude of BMWs that dealers just couldn’t fix. We love the challenge of big, tough projects and focus mainly on thoroughness and customer service. We offer services that are above the average BMW repair shop and because we love the BMW brand, we thought we’d share a few things about the ultimate driving machine that you may not know yet, and that’s fine! It takes time to become a BMW expert and we’re happy to share our knowledge and show you the ropes.

A Brief BMW History Lesson

bmw motorcyle

  1. BMW, or Bayerische Motoren Werke, began as a company whose sole purpose was to build aircraft engines during World War I. Germany was short on planes and parts, so BMW was born. After the signing of the Treaty of Versailles in 1919, Germany had to give up quite a bit of territory, the army was reduced, the country was forced to pay reparations, blamed for World War I and BMW was banned from making warplanes and parts, so they moved to making motorcycles instead.
  2. Loved Motorcycles, but wanted to build cars. BMW loved building motorcycles, but they wanted to move into automobile manufacturing. In 1928, BMW bought Automobilwerk Eisenach and manufactured their first car, the Dixi.
  3. Signature kidney grille. When you see a BMW it’s not just their classic blue and white Bavarian logo that sticks out, it’s that signature kidney grille. The logo has been disputed as a propeller, but if we’re talking what makes a BMW a BMW it’s not the Bavarian flag’s tried and true colors, it’s that grille.
  4. BMW has pride in the work they do, so of course their headquarters is a giant four-cylinder structure. Yes, BMW’s global headquarters pays tribute to the huge success the company had with their four-cylinder engines in the 1960s. It was their bread and butter and they don’t plan to forget about it any time soon.
  5. Why BMWs are so fun to race. The BMW’s M10 four-cylinder engine made its debut in ’62, by ’83 BMW engineers had grown the engine and pushed its limit, allowing for the 20-year old BMW engine design (street engine mind you!) to win the Formula One World Championship. Pretty awesome.

Owning a BMW

It’s safe to say that many things reflect who you are as a person, especially your car. No matter what kind of BMW owner you are or plan to be – whether you’re planning to jump into the racing circuit, are buying a classic because you have an affinity for the old school, or you’re finally in the market for a luxury vehicle, owning a BMW is satisfying.

Yes, the price tag is a bit higher than most, but you are paying for one of the vehicles that will not depreciate in value like others do. BMW has plans to use fuel more efficiently and become more environmentally conscious with each new series they produce. Buying a BMW used or new is a unique experience in that you can essentially customize these vehicles to your exact specifications. The beauty of owning a luxury vehicle that has been around for decades is that high-quality parts are available everywhere. Once you start ownership of a BMW be prepared to stay as loyal as we’ve been these last couple decades. The BMW brand is the leader in safety, performance and durability. Ownership of a BMW is supporting a brand that will keep you at the lead of design and luxury vehicle innovation.

If you are in the market for BMW, stop by North Bay Bavarian before you buy! North Bay Bavarian has been serving the BMW needs of Marin and Sonoma County for years and we know exactly what to look for when we evaluate pre-owned BMWs.

Our Promise

Bring in one car and get a Pre-Purchase Inspection for $135. If you don’t buy it, you can bring in two more, at no additional charge. If you buy a vehicle, the $135 Inspection Fee is rebated to you on your first North Bay Bavarian mechanical repair. Contact North Bay Bavarian today and let us help you with your BMW service.