Mini Cooper Service in Santa Rosa, Come on in!

Mini Pre-Purchase Inspection graphic

Minis are a thrill to drive on the winding roads near Santa Rosa. Need Mini service or mini repair? Santa Rosa residents depend on the experts at North Bay Bavarian to service their Minis and get them back on the road.

It’s only natural that North Bay Bavarian translates our extensive knowledge to high-quality Mini engine repair on-par with what you would get at the dealership, at a fraction of the price.

Newer Mini engines can range from 120hp to 208hp, which is far more than their predecessors. The new Mini engines have also been designed for increased fuel economy and remain above the industry average for their class.

The brand was first introduced in 1959 and has been ever-evolving since, but one thing that remains constant is the common bond between drivers and the legendary compact design.

North Bay Bavarian has a passion for all makes and models of Minis, and as a result, we have become experts in Mini Cooper service and Mini repair.

And yes, our inspection offer applies to Mini Coopers, too!

It’s time to buy with actual confidence.

North Bay Bavarian has served BMW owners in Marin and Sonoma County for more than 25 years. We know exactly what to look for in evaluating pre-owned BMWs.

We’ll make sure you have all the information you need to make a sound purchase decision.

Get up to 3 BMWs (or Minis!) Inspected – FREE with Rebate. 

And of course, we offer both:

Mini Pre Purchase Inspection

Bring in one car and get a Pre-Purchase Inspection for $135. If you don’t buy it, you can bring in two more, at no additional charge. If you buy a vehicle, the $135 Inspection Fee is rebated to you on your first North Bay Bavarian mechanical repair.

To schedule your Pre-Purchase Inspection:

Call: 707-545-0820 or