Mini Cooper Upgrades

We at North Bay Bavarian are well known for our BMW Upgrade Installation. You may not know that we also love to customize MINI’s. We can install all the Mini Cooper upgrades you’d ever want. We can also advise which upgrades are worthwhile, which you should avoid and our rationale for each.

Mini Upgrades Available for Installation

Driver Tech Upgrades

Mini Cooper Upgrades graphicMini Cooper Stereo Upgrade – Stock stereos are okay for low to moderate volume, but when you want to blast some music, a stock stereo can be disappointing. Mini Cooper Radio Upgrades, Mini Cooper Audio System Upgrades and Mini Cooper Sound System Upgrades can include improvements to your subwoofers which enhance bass, your amplifiers which enhance volume and reduce distortion, and these upgrades can even provide you with different options to play music such as satellite radio, aux ports and more.

Mini Cooper Ignition Upgrade – If you start your MINI with a key, we can install an ignition button. If you have an ignition button but would prefer an ignition switch, we can hook you up. Depending on what you’re into, we can even customize the button or switch.

Mini Cooper Sat Nav Upgrade – Rather than purchasing a smartphone holder that adheres to your dash, we can install satellite navigation right into your dash. If you leave your phone at home, you’ll still get to where you need to go.

Mini Cooper Bluetooth Upgrade – Bluetooth car tech has really come a long way since the introduction of handsfree calling. You can now hook up multiple phones to your car’s Bluetooth system. Multiple passengers can alter the music, volume or audiobook coming through the speakers.

Speed Upgrades

Mini Cooper Horsepower Upgrades – You can upgrade HP by installing a variety of parts on your MINI including a performance air filter, underdrive pulleys, a cold-air intake system and an electronic ignition kit. Depending on your driving goals, we can even install a nitrous oxide (N2O) kit.

Mini Cooper Forced Induction Upgrade – We can install a Mini Cooper Supercharger or a Mini Cooper Turbocharger depending on your preference and likelihood to tune the system. Either will compress the air flowing into your engine, allowing for more power. The difference between the two is in the energy supply. Turbocharged MINI’s use the exhaust system to create the additional power and Supercharged MINI’s use the crankshaft. These upgrades may not increase overall speed too much, but your acceleration and FUN are sure to see major impacts.

Performance Upgrades

Mini Cooper Brake Upgrade – Whether you enjoy driving at high speeds or you find yourself in regular bumper to bumper traffic, exceptional brakes can really come in handy.

Mini Cooper Xenon Headlight Upgrade – Your MINI likely has low-beam headlights, high-beam headlights, daytime running lights / parking lights and fog lights. Depending on the model and year of your MINI, you may not be rocking the latest and greatest Xenon HID headlights (high-intensity discharge). These lights are often much brighter than LEDs and halogens. Due to high voltage flowing to Xenon headlights in MINI’s, we highly recommend that you trust our trained staff with this upgrade. The oil from your hands will also reduce bulb lifespan.

Mini Cooper Suspension Upgrades – A stiffer chassis flex can increase how your MINI responds and handles.

Mini Cooper Performance Chip Upgrade – The stock chip may be limiting the air-fuel mixture entering your engine. Altering the chip can affect power, torque and fuel economy. Note that not all chips, despite performance enhancements, are a good idea.

Mini Cooper Carbon Fiber Upgrades – Carbon fiber car parts are stiffer and stronger than most steel parts, and they’re also much lighter than steel parts. Carbon fiber parts to consider include side mirrors, roof panels, hoods, grilles, bumpers and more.

Mini Cooper Tire Upgrades – The degree to which your tires grip the road can influence performance, regular handling, inclement weather handling, fuel economy and brake speed.

Model-Specific Upgrades

  • Mini Cooper S Upgrades
  • Mini Cooper R50 Upgrades
  • Cooper Works GP Upgrades
  • John Cooper Works Upgrades
  • Mini Cooper Upgrade Parts

Why Choose North Bay Bavarian for Your Mini Cooper Upgrades?

If you like the look or function of an upgrade, we want to help you achieve your vision. Don’t see an upgrade you want in our list? No sweat! We would love to talk shop with you about any and all upgrades on your wish list.

Our Mini Cooper Mechanics aren’t just here to service MINI’s and repair MINI’s; they’re also here to help advise you when you need it. If you aren’t sure where to start regarding upgrades, or you aren’t sure which upgrades you need to achieve your goals, we’d be happy to advise you. We can also help you decide between part brands to ensure that you’ll be satisfied with the longevity and performance of the upgrade.

Whether you’re looking for upgraded driver tech, upgraded MINI performance or even a Mini Cooper roll cage, we have the skill and knowledge to make it happen.


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