The BMW New Six Series

If you scroll through our Instagram, you’ll find that we have some beautiful BMWs come through the North Bay Bavarian shop doors. One of these is the BMW 3.0 SI E3. Produced and sold during the 1975 and 1976 model years, the 3.0 SI is part of the New Six line of full-size sedans that solidified BMW’s reputation as a sporting luxury car maker.

BMW decided to produce a six-cylinder car in the early 1960’s in response to the growing popularity of Mercedes-Benz’s full-size luxury sedans. The 3.0 SI is a refinement of this venture. The 3.0 SI was BMW’s first model in the North American market that featured fuel injection, hence the abbreviations for “Sport” and “Injection” at the end of the model name. The 3.0 SI is the highest end car in the New Six line, with fully-optioned interior and focus on driver comfort and control. Because of this, it was well-received by the BMW community as a true “driver’s car”.

One feature noticeable at first glance of the 3.0 SI is the twin headlight design. The circular eyes jut out of the slanted grille, forming curiously appealing lines that would define the automaker’s styling for decades after.

We love having projects come through our doors, big and small. Whether you have a classic BMW like the 3.0 SI or a more recent model, North Bay Bavarian can help keep it in excellent driving shape.  Contact North Bay Bavarian to have your car serviced by the most experienced BMW repair facility in the greater Santa Rosa area.