BMW History

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BMW Drift Performance

In 2014, a team with a Toyota 86 set a record for the world’s longest drift totaling 89.5 miles. For those of you not familiar with drifting, it is where the driver intentionally oversteers in order to lose traction to the rear wheels and maintain control while the car slides through a turn. BMW set […]
BMW M Series

BMW M Series. Remembering the BMW M1

In 1978, BMW created a vehicle that set up the M series for its performance we know and love today. The M series is BMW’s motorsport division, originally created to facilitate BMW’s racing program. It can get confusing as there are BMW M-Cars and BMW M-Badged cars. M-Badged cars typically have been modified by BMW […]

Get to Know BMW Like We Do  

It’s no secret we love the BMW brand, or we wouldn’t have worked so hard to understand each and every one of their models inside and out for the last thirty years. North Bay Bavarian was one of the first BMW service shops in Santa Rosa. We’ve continued to live up to our reputation as […]

A Short History of the BMW E30

Hi ho, I’ve been thinking about this car, that it might be a good one to own. In the perfect world, I would find one from the little ol’ lady in…Ukiah, that bought one from the factory in Germany, picked it up and drove it for about 30k and parked it in her garage for the last […]