BMW Repair

Does Your BMW Need Brake Repair?

Brakes are just one of the components that contribute to the balance of BMW performance. Once you get a vehicle up to high speed, you need a reliable means to bring it to a stop, and in a hurry. BMW brakes give you that control, provided you replace them when required. Luckily, a warning appears […]

BMW Dealership Alternative

The BMW brand has always instilled a sense of community in those who are lucky enough to own one of these precision machines. Our Bimmers are a mobile sanctuary, whether racing your aftermarket M4 on the track or cruising to work in your X1 SUV. Whatever you own, it’s nice to know that you’re not […]

5 Reasons You’re Seeing a BMW Warning Light

5 Common Reasons Your BMW Warning Light is On It’s no secret that BMW warning lights appear frequently no matter what kind of car you drive. But sometimes, it’s difficult to decipher exactly what the issue is. There is, however a very big difference between BMW “indicator lights” and BMW “warning lights.” BMW Warning Lights […]

Best BMW Repair in Santa Rosa

While BMW repair and BMW maintenance are two different things, it’s important to note the difference as many people get them confused. Which is completely understandable! They’re close. When you bring your BMW into North Bay Bavarian BMW repair, you will the terms maintenance and repairs. Keeping up with both BMW maintenance and BMW repair […]

BMW Santa Rosa

BMW Santa Rosa service is North Bay’s specialty. Are you cruising the area? Lived here for years? Well, you’ve probably heard of us if you have. We’ve been performing service and repair on BMWs for the last thirty years in Santa Rosa and Rohnert Park. BMW Santa Rosa owners are quick to recommend North Bay Bavarian […]

Santa Rosa BMW Specialists and Mini Cooper Specialists

North Bay Bavarian is Santa Rosa’s BMW and Mini Cooper service specialist, we have state-of-the-art BMW diagnostic equipment, tools, parts, and knowledge of all models from today’s high-tech BMWs to antique cars from the 1970s. BMW maintenance and repair costs are actually some of the lowest repair costs for a new car for the first five years […]

BMW Maintenance Professionals

If you are looking for a BMW oil change in Santa Rosa, come to a BMW specialist that understands the factory standards. North Bay Bavarian is the best choice for your BMW’s high-quality oil change. What BMW Repair & BMW Service Does NBB Offer? At North Bay Bavarian Santa Rosa we go the extra mile with your BMW […]

A BMW Specialist When You Need it Most

BMW repair and service can be complicated. Bringing your Santa Rosa BMW to a mechanic that is not well-versed in BMWs is a risk not worth taking. We are a certified BMW repair shop with a BMW specialist team that knows what it takes to properly service a BMW luxury vehicle. Why Trust The BMW Specialist Team at […]

Need BMW Repair in Santa Rosa?

If you are looking for Mini Cooper repair, BMW repair, or race-preparation assistance, North Bay Bavarian can help. We are Santa Rosa’s foremost Bavarian service shop, providing the professional know-how to address your automobile’s needs.   Other BMW service shops in the area have come and gone, but North Bay Bavarian has remained because of its […]

BMW Service Versus BMW Maintenance; What’s the Difference?

BMW and Mini Service and Maintenance often get confused. The difference between vehicle service and vehicle maintenance may seem like an obvious one. However, understanding what necessitates each and what benefits arise from each is something that many drivers miss. North Bay Bavarian is here to be your resource for everything BMW and Mini. Every […]

North Bay’s BMW Repair Specialists  

As North Bay’s BMW service and BMW repair specialists, we know BMW inside and out. We at North Bay Bavarian know what it takes to keep them running like new, and we’ve worked hard to earn the reputation we have in the North Bay Area. When you’re choosing a BMW repair specialist, it is important […]

Most Common BMW Problems

As lovers of the Bavarian Motor Works brand, we can vouch for the reliability of their makes and models, but problems with your car will always arise the longer it is driven, no matter what. Age, mileage and driving habits are major contributors to the wear and tear of any vehicle, but that’s where we […]