Car Races

From the Vault: The Mexican Road Race

This blog is from December 19, 2006, and was reposted to our blog in January of 2011. We at North Bay Bavarian wrote this after deciding to enter the 2007 La Carrera Panamericana, which was more than 12 years ago. Our goals for the writings were to amuse ourselves and to attract some big time sponsors […]

Awaiting Race Season

It’s mid February, it’s raining and cold, and not much to tell. The race season for the Spec E30 group is about to start….but not quite yet. Infineon Raceway has changed its name to Sonoma Raceway. I would have liked it changed back to Sears Point…but nobody asked me. The shop is just busy enough for Rick not to […]

Git’r done

The everyday work of fixing BMW’s goes on at North Bay Bavarian. There’s also a flurry of activity in one corner of the shop which has nothing to do with the regular routine. I’m speaking about the assemblage of a BMW 1600, turned 2002, into a vintage racer headed for Mexico. The entry fee has […]

More Thoughts About Cars

We got off to such a rousing start for 2013, I think we should just continue where we left off. There are a few things going on around the shop that need attending to, like getting a 2002 built for the Chihuahua Express in April, but for now….   This last picture reminds us that there is work to […]

2011 Wrap

We have come to the end of another year, and it’s time to review our unfinished business for the close of the 2011 race season. The last two races were at Infinion Raceway in Sonoma, the end of October and the first part of November. We first want to toast Greg Peterson and his wife Summer on the birth of their son, […]

Breaking News…

November 3, 2011… There have been unconfirmed reports that the leadership of North Bay Bavarian has made contact with a certain individual in Southern California as to the purchase of a car. Not just any car, but a car that has been searched out for many weeks and months, to no avail, until possibly now. Negotiations are very delicate at this moment, […]